Accom Holidays has an extensive range of holiday properties that offer a discounted rate for stays of more than 21 days. Our furnished rentals have a wide range of uses and offer a great solution in many situations.

Why a furnished rental?

  • Refurbishing the home
  • Waiting on a sales settlement date
  • Renovations
  • Insurance claims
  • Professional managers
  • Working in the area on short contract
  • Medical professionals

We have a wonderful selection to meet all needs across all areas of the Central Coast. Please contact the agency closest to your desired location who will be happy to assist in finding the perfect property that meets your requirements and budget.

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  • During a very stressful period following a house fire, I was extremely grateful for the fabulous support and service I received from the Accom Property team.
    The staff were polite, pleasant, helpful and friendly and the attention to detail regarding our needs was impressive. We even formed some personal friendships along the way!

    The home they organised for us was a welcome relief. With the claim ongoing and the need to move twice during the entire claim period, the team at Accom continued to care for us. In each instance, the extra time and effort required was extended when needed. When the accommodation need became of a more permanent nature, both the holiday and permanent rental teams worked together to aid in our seamless transition.

    They even provided a regular cleaning service, and I do have to compliment this service and the housekeeping team for also doing a wonderful job.

    I can highly recommend all areas of service from Accom Property and their lovely team.

    July 2019
  • I was very happy with everything, both places were well suited to my family and our needs. Transitioning between the two was made easy by the Accom Holidays Team, very accommodating.

    July 2019

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